Technical Specifications

Stage and Backstage

End-on flat floor stage with retractable seating and separate Control Room. Stage and Grid drawings and photographs are available on request.

150 seated or 200 standing

Performance Space/Stage Area
10metre wide by 5metre deep black box with fixed grid @ 4.75metres

Floor level access through two sets of doors and a small ramp to the loading bay. We have a Little Giant Stepladder and 5metre scaff tower for Grid access.

Plywood on sprung battens, fixings acceptable. A demountable 900mm high Steeldeck stage or individual rostra are available. Please advise in advance if you require specific heights.

Selection of blacks and legs and full width white Cyclorama. No flying bars or tab tracks. Any flying or suspension is at the discretion of the Tech Manager. The grid is limited in capacity so please check beforehand.

We have 6 stage weights however we do not carry stage braces but they can be borrowed providing notice is given. We do have a limited supply of alloy scaff tube for any specific rigging.

There is a headset comms system, however the installations are all temporary so please advise in advance if they are required. An induction loop is installed and can be fed from a variety of sources.

Dressing rooms
Accommodation backstage is limited. There are two small dressing rooms for a maximum of 8 people, with mirrors, showers and toilet facilities in each. We tend to use the downstairs as a green-room/kitchen and tea and coffee facilities are available.

There is a backstage area for storage with a sink for paintbrushes and a washer/drier.

We also have a six foot Yamaha C3 Grand Piano. Please give as much notice as you can if you intend to use the piano, as our tuning company are very busy.


Main PA
8k Turbosound rig consisting of 4 TXD252’s and 4 TXD 118’s.

6 TSD 112M’s and 2 TXD115M’s

Amps and Crossover
QSC amps and a DBX Driverack.

32 Channel Soundcraft GB8; 8 groups; 8 Aux’s and Matrix mix.

BSS Opals on FOH and Monitor mix 1 – 4; Samson 15way graphic on Monitor 5 – 6.

Lexicon MPX-1, Lexicon MX200 and Aphex 204 Aural Exciter

Comps and Gates
1 Klark Teknik SQ1 8way comp/gate; 2 Drawmer MX60 front ends for vocal. Cables and patching to suit

4 Shure SM58
4 Shure SM57
4 Audix OM7
3 Shure Beta 57
3 Audix ADX 51 condensers
2 Sennheiser 606’s
2 Sennheiser 609’s
1 Audix I-5
1 AKG D112
1 Rode NT5
1 Sennheiser E604
1 Rode NT1A;
1 AMT M40 for Piano
Leads, clips, stands to suit.


Lighting & Other


Note: We are a 16amp building. We do not have any converters.

46 on Grid and 2 on floor arranged fairly logically. We have a large amount of 16 amp cable so circuits anywhere are OK and DMX outs with plenty of DMX cable. House lighting uses 4 channels

48 ways Strand Wallrack in Control Room. They are quite noisy

Strand Pallete 150 and monitor

12 22/40 Selecon Acclaims
6 15/30 Selecon Acclaims
20 Selecon Acclaim PC’s
8 Selecon Hui Cyc Floods
We have a very limited stock of colour so please bring your own if you need any specific colours


We have DVD and 35mm projection to a permanent wind up screen above the grid. Digital projection, cameras, effects and scenic construction can also be sourced locally. Please advise us of your requirements.

Tech Contact

Paul Rooney


Keep up to date on all news and events at Regional Cultural Centre...


Keep up to date on all news and events at Regional Cultural Centre...