Regional Cultural Centre

RCC Letterkenny is a multi-disciplinary arts facility developed by Donegal County Council, specialising in exhibitions, music, film and community arts.


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Visual Arts

The RCC is committed to developing and presenting Visual Arts experiences through three mediums; in-person, online, and in the community. The RCC has one of the finest art white cube galleries in Ireland. The exhibition policy is deliberately broad and audience centred.

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The RCC Auditorium is a flexible intimate black-box space with excellent acoustics, which seats 140 and accommodates 240 standing. The centre presents a year-round select programme of national and international classical, jazz, traditional, world and alternative music concerts.

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The RCC has a 140-seat cinema space and presents a year-round programme of film screenings in association with access>Cinema and Donegal Film Society. Screenings feature the best new world-cinema releases, movie classics and live soundtracks.

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